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Engine Rebuilds 

We have been building performance engines for nearly 20 years. We are very proud that it was our engines that took two British based racing drivers to overall Championship wins  in 2013 & 2015.

All our  engines are hand built  on site to our customer's  specification.  


We offer the following services.


  • Cylinder re-boring

  • Decking of blocks

  • Crank regrinding

  • Fitting of valve guides

  • Gas flowing of cylinder heads

  • Lightening and balancing

  • Re-sleeving of blocks  

We have 4 available options for cylinder head work. 

Stage 2:  Reconditioned head to std OEM spec

Stage 3:  As Stage 2 + fully ported & polished head  

Stage 4:  As stage 3 + larger inlet valves

Stage 5:  As Stage 4 + larger exhaust valves 


Two Ford ST170 engines which have been painstakingly rebuilt.  One on throttle bodies and  the other is turbo charged.

We also have an extensive range of fast road ported head kits for bike engines.  This ZZR 1400 is getting  a set of larger throttle bodies and a pair of fast road cams with a  Stage 3 head to finish.  

Vernier protractor  in position so we can set the cam timing at the optimum position.  


Audi 40v  V8  S6 with Forged Internals being rebuilt.  

 All ready for the fittment of the  Standalone ECU   


If you wish to discuss your project why not give us a call or click on the Contact Us link below.

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