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Bike Engine Conversions

If you are looking for reliability and improvements in performance and emissions then an engine conversion is a fabulous option. 

In 1992 Honda launched the CBR 900 Fireblade 893cc, which made  122bhp.  This instantly set the bench mark for superbikes !

Fast forward to 2020 and  600cc superbikes are making in excess of 126bhp.  The advances in bike engine technology is astonishing.

Our preferred choice is:-

The Yamaha R1 14b Big Bang.  With minor tuning these engine are producing almost 200bhp  with a  rev limit of 14250prm.  


Interesting facts on the R1

  • Extremely light and compact

  • Variable intake system to enhance low down torque & high RPM 

  • Slipper clutch

  • 8 Injectors (4 shower injectors)

  • Excellent baffled sump system.

  • Modified coolant system 


  • Built in shift light

  • Fuel trip computer with low fuel level light

  • Gear indicator

  • 3 engine maps (Wet/Road/Race) 

Watch & Listen 

You will not find a better sub 1000cc bike engine.

Are you looking for the ultimate?

Kawasaki ZZR1400 with minor tuning gets you close to 220 bhp and a thumping 120 lbft torque! 

  • Baffled sump assembly

  • Slipper clutch

  • Hydraulic clutch assembly 

  • We remove all the restrictions ​

  • Modified coolant system 

  • Fit a  performance air filter kit  

We offer a full installation service for most bike engines.  

If you wish to discuss your project why not give us a call or click on the Contact Us link below.

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