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Car Engine Conversions 

If you are looking for reliability and improvements in performance and emissions then an engine conversion is a fabulous option. 

Ford 2.0 16v  Zetec /ST170 

These units offer fabulous value for money.  We In the past we have fitted these units to a Lotus S1 Elan, a Marlin Roadster, several mid-engined cars as well as every make of Seven-esque style kitcar out there.    

westy + SKC tublaur chassis 001.JPG

Our in-house tuned Zetec engines are making around  200bhp  while our turbo conversions can give you in excess of 400bhp. 

400bhp dyno print out .jpg

Available in the following Specs 

175bhp, 200bhp ,220bhp, 300bhp, 400bhp 

See our shop for more details.

Another hugely popular engine is the fantastic Vauxhall XE .  As you can see in the picture we have added a standalone ECU and throttle bodies.  


And they say you cannot beat Cubes! 

In our view one of the best V8 engines around is the Audi's 4200cc V8.  


We can only show a few samples of the type of work that we carry out at Scottish Kitcar Centre. 

If you wish to discuss your project why not give us a call or click on the Contact Us link below.

We can ship engines worldwide.

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