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1.6 Litre Eco Boost Conversions 

Welcome to the New Generation!  

Ultra light weight high pressure direct injection engines that are not only kind to our planet but they also have astonishing performance for a 1600cc engine.     

FB_IMG_1545921878930 (1).jpg

We use these engines in our Raptor RR235.  Standard engine produces 235bhp and 284lbft  torque .  On a recent road trip we averaged over 50 mpg!  

All our Eco Boost units are controlled with a GDI injection system to maximise the performance of this little Gem ! 

Tuning Options  

A  Hybrid turbo takes you just over 400bhp on standard internals . 

Forged Piston and Rod kits are available which allow you to run the Turbo to its full potential giving  you over 430bhp. 

Alloy intake manifolds and big bore throttle body kits are another NEW addition to the range for 2020. 


Dry sump kits now available   

We also can supply 6 speed   manual or 6 speed Sequential  gearbox for rear wheel drive configuration.  Up-rated flywheels and clutch assemblies are also available.  

If you wish to discuss your project why not give us a call or click on the Contact Us link below.

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