Fuel Injection Systems 

We have been an Emerald Agent since 2004 and over this time we have successfully installed 100's of units giving our customers reliable and powerful engines. 

Ideal for any 4 -6 or V8 engines.   

If you are having carburettor issues or your engine loom is damaged beyond economical repair then this is the ideal FIX for you!

This picture shows a Loom in the process of being built.


We offer our customers Easy wire Pre-built wiring kit.  

Just simply attached 6 wires


  1. Ignition supply

  2. 12v from your battery 

  3. Earth on your battery

  4. To rev-counter

  5. To shift light

  6. To fuel pump 

We fitted a full easy wire loom kit to this stunning Vauxhall XE engine that we built for a customers  '7' style Kitcar.

Fully adjustable ignition and fuel tables to optimise both power and emissions. 


DIY trailing loom 

Gives you colour coded loom with a detailed wiring diagram 

Fuel Injector Kits  

Temp Sensors 

Air Filter Kits 

Turbo Sensors  

HP Fuel Pumps 

Throttle Body Kits 

We supply bike throttle body kits 

For race spec engines we highly recommend some shaft-less throttle body kits.  

If you wish to discuss your project why not give us a call or click on the Contact Us link below.



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